Sometimes we would like to know how our guest check-ins are going before the data is sent to the police. There are two ways to see this.

The first one is from the web control panel. We will have to go to the Reservations tab, and look at the reservation in question.

In the "Pax" column we should see the number of guests who have already checked-in (number on the left) compared to the total (number on the right that we enter manually).

The second way to find out how many guests have checked-in is from the mobile application itself.

On the main screen after logging in, we will have to click on the orange button "Check-ins Calendar".

The app will show our closest reservations. We look for the reservation in question and click on it. We will see the total number of guests who have checked-in just below the reservation code.

However, remember that if you have push notifications enabled on your mobile phone (Android or IOS), you should receive a check-in done message every time a guest checks in.

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