If your ICal contains the email address of your guest and you would like your guest/s to receive the instructions automatically by email for them to check-in remotely, you will need to go to your Check-in Scan control panel and once there, to the reservations tab.

In the reservations tab, click on ''Settings'' and activate the option/setting '' Send instructions automatically to the person who booked the holiday''.

Once the option has turned blue, your guests will receive an email requesting them to check-in. Emails are sent at 09:00am and 21:00pm, which means that if we receive a new reservation from your pms/channel at 17:00, your guest will receive the email 4 hours later.

IMPORTANT: Only reservations imported via ICal and that contain the guests email address will be able to be sent automatically, as, if the ICal does not provide us with the email address, then we have no way of obtaining it and therefore, will not be able to send it.

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