If you already went to your nearest National Police Station, in about 1 to 3 working days you should receive an email. Please bear in mind that this email has a 72h expiry date, proceed as quick as possible.

Open the email and click on the blue link, it will take you to the National Police website:

At the bottom of the email you can find your USUARIO -username- you will have to copy it and paste it on the police site:

Set your own password -twice!- and click on "Iniciar". You will then receive a second email. This email has a 30 minutes expiry date, please open it as soon as possible.

Click on the blue link and it will take you once again to the police site, you will then be able to login with your user and new password. This step is quite important as your account won't be active until you have logged in at least once.

Once you see your police main page the job is done. You can now go to Check-in Scan and add your police details to connect your property!

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