The Check-in Scan app can be used on as many devices as necessary, however, it is important that each device has its own email address associated to it, since, due to security reasons, when you log into a device, the session closes on all others, so that if several people are sharing the same account, all others will be closed and must re-enter the login details.

To prevent this from happening, there are agent accounts. Check-in scan allows you free of charge to have as many agent accounts as you need.

If you need to add other email accounts, you can go to your web control panel by clicking here and then clicking on "Agents" - "Add a new agent".

You can add the email of your agent, and a small reference so that they know from whom the email arrives.

Your agent will have to open the email that they receive and create their account from there.

The agent accounts, are able to do check-ins from their mobile phone, however, for security purposes, they wont be able to access the control panel.

You can have as many agents as you need, and these agents, in turn, can be agents for several users, for example, if they work as self employed agents.

If you prefer, 

You can select which of your properties each agent can see.

This will help you divide the work among several employees, or avoid confusion if each agent only registers guests into certain properties.
To modify which properties each agent can see, click on the "Edit" button next to the agents name, and a drop down box will appear with all of your properties, you can activate or deactivate which ones you want for each agent and only the ones marked in blue will be visible on the Check-in Scan application on their phone.

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