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Cómo cambiar contraseñas
How do I change my Mossos D’esquadra -Aplicació Hostalatge password.
How do I change my Mossos D’esquadra -Aplicació Hostalatge password.

If you need to change the password to send data to the Mossos, here's how.

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To be able to send your guest’ information to the authorities you need a username and a password for the police website, if you haven’t yet acquired these details, take a look at this article, we believe it will be of use to you.

If you already have your username and password for the Mossos D’esquadra website but for some reason you can’t login, here we will explain how you can change your password.

To change your password you will first need to go to the official holiday guest registration website.

Underneath the box where you input your username and password, you will find the “¿Ha olvidado su contraseña?” option.

If you select that option, you will get a pop-up screen where you will be asked to input your username which is the property identification number for the police website, and the email address you used in the form PI 15 when you registered the apartment with the authorities.

Once you have filled in all the information you need to press the icon “Reiniciar contraseña” and then the new password will be automatically sent to the email you provided them with.

If this option gives you any problems, you can always contact them in the following ways:

Via telephone: 93 486 84 26
Contact form: Clicking here

Once you have successfully changed your password, you can return to your Check-in Scan property page and then modify it on our system so that you can continue doing your check-ins. Here we explain how.

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