Make a face-to-face Check-in

Face-to-face Check-in with mobile or tablet

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When you go to the check-in with the app you must follow the following steps.

Don't worry, it is a very simple process. As easy as scan, sign and send.

First of all when you are on the home screen and logged-in with the Access button on the bottom right, you should find the following menu:

You must click on the Start a new Check-in button to start the process.

On the next screen you will select the city, property, arrival date and departure date of the check-in that you want to register. After confirming the register, the guest who booked the vacation needs to scan their passport or identity document first. To scan, first press the blue button Next – Scan documents.

Now it is time to scan the MRZ code (a set of alphanumeric digits that is usually found on the back of the identity document or passport) with your mobile or tablet camera. Place the document inside the square that you see on your screen and when the app reads the data it will automatically jump to the next step.

You can always enter the data manually if you prefer this.

The app will automatically read the data and fill in the form for you. On the next screen you have to confirm that everything is OK to continue.

The next step is to ask the guest to sign their signature on the screen of your device with their finger.

You need to confirm that the signature is correct. On the next screen you will see a summary of the guests who are going to register at this property on these dates.

You can continue Adding other guests or Finish check-in.

I leave you a demonstrative video of how the app works in real time so you can see how easy and fast it is:

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