This is a quick guide to show you how to connect your 365Villas account to Check-in Scan dashboard


  1. Registration in Checkin-scan

  2. Connecting 365Villas to Check-in Scan

  3. Complete the Set up of your Check-in Scan account

  4. Review the completed form in 365Villas

  5. How to get support from the 365villas team

  6. How to get support from Check-in Scan Team

  7. FAQs


In order to connect 365Villas to Check-in Scan please follow these steps:

  1. Visit, download the Checkin scan application (IOs or Android) It can be done at this link.)

2. After this, add your main contact details, email address from the App.

3. You will be asked to confirm the registered email address and thus activate your account. Do not forget to check your Spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox within two minutes.

4. Once inside, you will be able to add your properties in Check-in scan account: as you can see in the screenshot, you simply need to include basic information of your properties related to Check-in regulations (all the bookings will automatically pulled from your 365 Villas account). You can change the property details any time later.

5. Once you added all your properties to Check-in Scan, you can proceed with the connection with 365villas

Connecting 365Villas to Check-in Scan

a. From you 365Villas home, click on “Porfolio Manager” -> Channel Managers -> Calendar Sync.

b. Select “One Way Sync”, chose the right property and copy the link that unique I cal link.

c. Go Back in your Check-in Scan dashboard, click on the I cal tab and paste the i cal link you have justed copied in 365Villas

d. If you followed the right procedure, you will see the following message

e. Repeat Steps “b” “c” and “d” for each of your units.

f. All the reservations you have in 365Villas, will be automaticall imported and show in Check in Scan, in the Reservations tab. You can use the filter to select only one particular property or to see a winder range of dates.

g. From this moment, every time there is a new booking, a change in the period of stay or a cancellation, your Check-in Scan reservation list will be automatically updated and you will be able to ask to your guests

Complete the Set up of your Check-in Scan account

The Check-in Scan team can help you in completing the set up of the account in term of sending automated messages, collecting guest information and send them to local and national authorities. They also have extensive documentation online available at this link:

Review the completed form in 365Villas*

*available from January 2021

Once the guest has complete the registration form, you will be able to access to it both from your Check-in Scan and 365villas accounts. In 365Villas, it can be found in two places.

-in the booking report

-in the reminder dashboard

How to get support from the 365villas team

Contact your 365villas account manager or simply contact us at

How to get support from the Check-in scan team

Click on the mail icon on the Check-in Scan website or click on the little operator icon on the phone app.


I am a Check-in Scan user already, can I use my existing account for the 365Villas integration?

Yes, you skip the first part of this document “Registration” and directly check the following section “Connecting 365Villas to Check-in Scan”

How can I add bookings to Check-in Scan?

All your 365Villas bookings will be synced in your Check-in Scan account, so you don’t need to generate them again! If by any chance you need to add a booking manually you can use this article to create a new reservation

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