If you rent your property as a whole, in this article, you can see how to add a single ICal that will automatically extract your reservations from your PMS/Channel manager and imports them to your Check-in Scan control panel.

If, on the other hand, you rent rooms and use several ICals, you just need to go to the rooms tab and add your ICals there.

You must copy the ICal links of each room that you are provided with and paste them into our system, in the ''rooms'' tab.(Properties). It is a very easy process.

Once you have the first link of your room copied from your PMS/Channel Manager, go to Properties - My properties and click on the Edit button next to your property:

1 Click on the ''Rooms'' tab.

2 Click on ''Add Ical'' located on the right of the rooms name.

3 Paste the link you copied from your PMS/Channel Manager in the box

4 Press Save

Once you click the ''Save'' button, our system will need a few minutes to extract your reservations.

You must repeat this step with each room.

Ready! Your reservations should appear correctly if you go to the ''reservations'' tab

Our system continually updates (synchronizes) your reservations, so in principle, it shouldn't be something you have to do anything more on as your reservations will appear by themselves in the reservations section/tab.

Do you want to get more out of the Reservations function? You don't use a PMS system or Channel Manager? Please read our article on how to create a reservation directly with Check-in Scan.

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