If you would like to import your reservations from Airbnb, AvaiBook, Avantio, Masteryield, Rentalsunited, SpainHolidays, 365Villas, Smoobu, Rural Gest, or Sexta Planta, you will need to copy the iCal link they provide and paste it into our system. It is a very simple process.

Once you have the link to your iCal copied from your PMS / Channel Manager, go to Properties - My Properties and press the Edit button next to your property:

1️⃣ Click on the "iCal" tab
2️⃣ Select the operator you work with
3️⃣ Paste the link you copied from your operator into the empty field
4️⃣ Press the orange button "+ Import iCal"

Once you click on the "+ Import iCal" button our system will need a few seconds to load all your reservations, please do not close or refresh the page until you see the following confirmation message:

Ready! Your reservations should appear correctly if you go to the "Reservations" tab

 Our system will update (synchronize) your reservations automatically, so your new reservations will always appear on the reservations section.

Read our article on how to create a reservation directly on the Check-in Scan platform, or send us a message if you can't find your PMS / Channel Manager in our list.

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