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What to do in case of poor connection?
What to do in case of poor connection?

If the internet connection at the property is not very stable we recommend some steps to follow

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Some properties are located in places with poor internet quality, which can make it difficult to send guest data to the authorities. Your phone will try to switch from 3G or 4G to WIFI and vice versa and this can lead to data loss.

To prevent this from happening, if you notice that one of the two connections (Wifi or 3G/4G) is weak you can choose one of these three options:

A) Disable WIFI on your phone and use your 3G or 4G network

B) Disable data on your phone and use WIFI

C) Enter your username and password for Check-in scan and once on the main screen turn on airplane mode or deactivate data and WIFI. The check-in will then be done in off-line mode and you will be able to send it from the main screen of the app on the green pending check-ins button once you are in an area with a stable connection.

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