A beta is a version of the application with all the features. However, it is not completely free of issues or bugs, it can be used by the user, always with the warning that errors may occur.

What should I do as a tester of this Beta?

First of all, you should make sure to download the latest version of Check-in Scan App (V 3.1.4 for Android and 3.1.0 for iOS) as it contains the changes that will allow you to use Reservations.

As a beta tester, you commit to notify us of the failures you experience with the app, in return, you can enjoy the function before the rest of the users.

We strongly recommend that you read our articles about the Reservations function before you start using it:

The new Reservations functionality is in a trial and testing version, so we thank you for not publishing reviews on this functionality until its official launch. Instead, we would be extremely grateful if you can inform us privately of any error or improvement that you find.

How do I report an issue?

If you experience any bugs, you can report them through the chat system:

📱 Through the app: Check-in Scan App has a very simple error reporting system: Shake your phone and a screen will give you the option to send a message to our IT Team.
The message should contain as much information as possible about where you came across the error, for example, what screen you were on and where did you click.

💬 On the support chat: Both in the app and on the website you can leave us a message on our support chat and explain what happened. The chat also allows you to attach screenshots.

In case the information provided is not enough, we will contact you to collect the necessary data, such as the steps followed, the message received or we may request a screenshot.

What kind of errors should I report?

All 😊 In this phase, errors should not be of great magnitude, however, all errors are important and should be reported. Misspellings, buttons that do not react, graphics or images, issues while creating reservations or anything else that does not work correctly.

What isn't an error, and shouldn't be reported as such?

Suggestions about new changes or functions, doubts about the use of the app in general, doubts about prices, information not related to the Reservations Beta in general.

We love to hear your suggestions, many of our functions come as a result of suggestions made by our users and because of this, we have a mailbox that we take very seriously. You can send all your suggestions to our chat specifying that it is a suggestion or send it by email to info@checkinscan.com

¡Happy Testing!

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