Our reservation feature allows you to keep track of the dates you have bookings on. You will be able to see the dates in which the guests will stay in the property, send them instructions by email so that they enter their details and sign before the arrival, you can manually add their details yourself but only if the signature is not a legal requirement in your area - or add more guests to an existing Check-in.

Where do I find Reservations?

If you go to your Web Control Panel, in the top menu you can find the "Reservations" tab.

How do I create a new reservation?

To add a new reservation you only have to click on "Add reservation".
In the pop-up window, select which property the guests will be staying in and the dates of check-in and check-out.

Once the reservation is created, you will be assigned a booking reference that can be shared with the guest so that they can Self Check-in. You can also click on the "Send instructions" button to send an email to the guests with step-by-step instructions on how to do their own check-in.

The guest details will be paused in our system until the check-in day, day in which they will be sent automatically, unless the automatic sending box is deactivated, in which case you will need to click on the send button so that the data reaches the authorities site.

How is the email received by the guest?

Once you click on "Send instructions" and enter the guest's email, they will receive an email similar to this one:

And attached to the email, a PDF file (can be printed) with the booking reference or QR code to enter in the Check-in Scan app and send their own details:

Finally, you can see which guests have already been registered in the activity log by clicking on "Details" next to the reservation:

If you would like to send more specific instructions to your guests, here is a very complete article: Reservation guests - How to self Check-in

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