Why are we obliged to do the Check-in?

If the owner or agency has provided you with a booking reference or sent you an email with attached instructions, follow these steps to do your check-in correctly:

First of all, you must download the Check-in Scan app on your phone or tablet. You can do it from here: www.checkinscan.com/app

It's very important that you accept the permissions that the app will request, without those permissions, the application will not work.

Open the application and slide your finger to the left to turn the instruction pages:

Click on the orange "I'm A GUEST" button. You will then be asked to scan the QR code or type the booking reference. You can choose what is easier for you. You will find this information in the PDF attached to the email you received:

Once your reservation has been loaded, it is as easy as framing the MRZ code of your documentation in the blue box and waiting for Check-in Scan to perform its magic.
The MRZ code can be found on the main page of your passport or later on your ID card, and will be similar to this one:

If in the area you visit the signature is a legal requirement, you will be asked to sign with your finger or stylus on the screen and continue until all guests have been properly registered and sent.

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