If when you added your property you did not have a username and password for the authorities (National Police, Mossos D'Esquadra, Ertzaintza or Guardia Civil) and now you would like to add them, the steps are very simple.

Go to your Web Control Panel and click on "Edit" next to the name of the property you want to connect:

Click on the second tab "Police" and uncheck the box "I do not have a username and password for the authorities"

You can then select the type of authority with which you work and add the username and password. You will need to make sure that you are entering it correctly, since the system will not be able to connect with incorrect data. If the National Police has provided you with an "AgrupaciĆ³n Hotelera" please check this article

If you have entered the data correctly, when you click on Add / Update this property, you will return to the properties menu and your property will appear correctly connected and with the shield of the relevant authority.

If not, here we explain how to change your password with the authorities:

Change password - Guardia Civil
Change password - Mossos D'Esquadra
Change password - National Police
Change password - Ertzaintza

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