When you install the Check-in Scan app, DEMO mode will appear activated with a green sign with the word "demo", which can be seen in the top left hand corner of your screen. This way, you can try out the app for free, while using virtual properties. Your demo check-in will not be sent to the authorities and you can practice with up to 10 documents (passports and IDS) to prepare yourself for your first real check-in.

The virtual properties that appear are named Test Town 1 or Test Town 2 and that is where the name of your properties will appear once you add them to your Check-in Scan Web control panel.

Once you have done one, two or however many check-ins it takes to get used to the app, you can then add your own property from the control panel and then return to the app to deactivate DEMO mode, since, you do not have to use the 10 test scans if you not need to.

To do this you will have to click on the settings wheel in the bottom center of the app and disable DEMO mode from there. Once you do this, your real scans will then appear and further ahead, you will be able to see your properties.

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