The legislation INT/1922/2003, from the 3rd of July, about registry-books and guest registration forms requires you to fulfil two inexcusable requirements:

  1. Send your guest information to the relevant authorities within the first 24 hours of arrival to the accommodation.

  2. Maintain a registry book in which the information of each guest is collected and their signature. This registry book will be made up of individual sheets called guest registration forms (partes de entrada de viajeros).

When you added your property to your web control panel on our website, you will have noticed that we requested a username and password for the police.
This is the information you will need to send your guest details, always encrypted and through a secure system.

If you do not have the username and password yet to send these details, you should be aware that it is the legal duty of the owner to obtain them.

Unfortunately, these details can only be obtained by contacting the relevant police station, and in regards to the Ertzaintza, they cannot even be requested online.


If your property is not yet registered with the Tourism department of your area, this would be the first step you need to take, in most cases,  this can be requested online and once you obtain your Tourism License code, you can then go to the relevant authorities to obtain your username and password.

Depending on the area you are based in, your options are: National Police, Guardia Civil, Moss D'esquadra o Ertzaintza. Ayuntamientos and Local Police do not deal with this.

Once you have located the police station you need to go to, in most cases, the details requested are:

-Identification: (Passport, DNI or NIE)

-Tourism License

Escrituras or Nota Simple: a lot of the time, these details are not asked for, ask at your local police station to save yourself this step.

A valid email address and spanish phone number on which they can contact you at anytime.

For Mossos, this Form: formulario de alta establecimiento (PI-15) 

For Guardia Civil this Form: formulario de alta de establecimientos

If you are an Estate Agent, friend or relative, you must also provide a written authorisation and in some cases a contract that proves that you manage the property.

In some cases, they will give you the username and password straightaway, in other cases you will have to wait a few days until they call you back , or they send you an email.

Since there are so many different authorities managing the same process in Spain, these requirements may vary slightly from one area to another, as such, we recommend to always call by telephone beforehand and confirm the documentation that must be provided.

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