Before starting to use the Check-in Scan App, we need to know the details of your property, to be able to send the details to the police or just to simply fill out your Parte de Viajeros for you.

Go to the main page of Check-in Scan and click onto the "Login" button in the top right hand corner.

Enter your email address and the password that you created for our app, if you have not done this yet, open the app on your mobile phone and click on "Register" which is below "Im a Landlord/Agent". Once you have registered, you will receive an email to activate your account.

Once you have accessed your control panel, Click on the "Properties tab" and select "Add Property".

Choose the property type you are renting:

The next steps are quite simple, however, some fields can be confusing if you have never done it before.

Name of the property on the App: The name of your property is the one that will appear on the application during the Check-in and on your Partes de Viajero.

Internal Reference: If you are an Estate Agency or Property Management company with a lot of properties then you could well have them catalogued with References, if not, you can number them as 001, 002, 003...etc.

Add the Province and City where the property is located.

Fill out the NIF/CIF with the property owner's details, authorised representative or company.

Name of the owner, authorised representative or company.

Click on "Next".

Enter your Tourism Licence Code, if you do not have this, you will need to ask for it at the Consejería de Turismo de tu Comunidad Autónoma (Ministry of Tourism of your Autonomous Community). Find more info here

If in the first case, you created a Property Group, activate the corresponding box and choose the group to which the property belongs.

If you have a username and password for the police website, select the type of authority you work with (National Police, Guardia Civil, Mossos D'esquadra or Ertzaintza) and fill out the username and password in the corresponding fields.

If when you press "Next", it shows an error, you must revise the username and password, and make sure you chose the correct Authority.

If, on the contrary, you still don't have the police codes, we explain in this article how to obtain them. Even then, you can still use the application to create your Registry Books and Partes de Viajero clicking on "I don't have a username and password for the police website" 

Finally, and only if you rent individual rooms (If the establishment is a Hotel, Rural complex or Hostal, for example) add the names or numbers of the rooms and press "Save Property".

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