The law requires you to maintain a registry book with the details of each guest that has stayed in your accommodation, and each one of its sheets is called a Parte de Viajero.

Check-in Scan prevents you from having to complete this process manually, and using the scanned information, it creates the documents for you automatically.

This book, and its sheets, can be found in PDF format on your control panel, encrypted securely on our own servers and accessible only by you 365 days of the year.

To download the registry book, you would need to go to the web page of Check-in Scan, click on login in the top right hand corner and introduce your email address and password for Check-in Scan.

Once you are on your panel, go to the "Downloads" tab and there you will find all of the registry books that have been created.

If what you would like is, to be able to download the Parte de Viajeros from a particular check-in, you can click on the Check-ins tab and next to each one, you will find an orange button that says "action" that will allow you to download the Parte de Viajero from that specific check-in.

You can also filter by date and download the Parte de Viajeros from a specific timescale.

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