If you have forgotten your Check-in Scan password, then, no problem!
You can change it from your mobile phone or from your computer.

From your computer:

(To change it from your mobile phone, click here)

Go to the Check-in Scan website and click on "Login"

Underneath the login information, you will find the option to change your password.

Click on Forgotten you password? Enter your email address that you used to register with Check-in Scan.

When you have entered your email address, we will then send you an email. Its very important that without closing the page, you go to your email inbox and find the email that we have sent you, as this is where you will find the PIN code that you will need to reset your password:

Copy the 6 digit PIN code onto the web page, along with the new password that you wish to create. Remember that your password for security purposes must contain a symbol, a letter and a number.

You are now ready! The web page will confirm that the password has been reset correctly and you will now be able to access the app or the control panel using the new details whenever you need it.

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