The legislation INT/1922/2003, from the 3rd of July, about registry-books and guest registration forms requires you to fulfil two inexcusable requirements:

  1. Send your guest information to the relevant authorities within the first 24 hours of arrival to the accommodation.

  2. Maintain a registry book in which the information of each guest is collected and their signature. This registry book will be made up of individual sheets called guest registration forms (partes de entrada de viajeros).

With Check-in Scan you can fulfil these two requirements automatically from the comfort of your mobile phone.

If you are still waiting to obtain the information to start providing guest registration forms to the relevant authorities (Here we explain the steps to take) you can use the app to create the registry book and the guest registration forms, to maintain an internal registry of the guests, and in the near future, to create the invoices and admission sheets.

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